Cy Wood is a super talented professional, full of spirit and fun, who will give your chorus a taste of Broadway! No matter the character, Cy will patiently bring out the best in your chorus singers and challenge them to portray what the music is demanding them to become. Your ensemble will greatly benefit from Cy’s personal experience and years of excellent training! I highly recommend Cy as a choreographer and visual coach!
— Becki Hine Master 700 Director, Song of Atlanta Chorus Certified Showmanship Judge, Sweet Adelines International
As an artist and musical leader, I am always looking for people who make me better at what I do. Cy Wood does exactly that. In working with my two choruses, Cy instructs, challenges, inspires, and encourages, all at a heart level. If you want authentic, exhilarating, powerful visual and musical performances, then look no further than Mr. Cy Wood. My groups love working with him, and I am a better performer and musician because or our partnership.
— Bill Stauffer, Artistic Director of Voices of Gotham and Capitaland Chorus

"Cy Wood’s magical gifts as a showmanship and presentation coach were on full display during his coaching session with Greater Nassau Chorus. His contagious enthusiasm and his keen eye helped each chorus member to seamlessly blend together performance, character, sound and choreography.  His ability to quickly assess how to maximize those vital “small moments” in a performance package and to articulate them in a pragmatic and meaningful way was amazing.  Cy inspired our group and challenged each of us to bring authenticity and honesty into every movement.  It was a treat to have him and we are all better performers because of it!"

--Harriette Walters, Master Director 700, Greater Nassau Chorus

Cy is a creative genius with a positive teaching approach that will inspire your ensemble….. the total package.
— Dusty Schleier, Certified Presentation Judge, Director - TuneTown Show Chorus (SAI) & Music City Chorus (BHS)
I’ve know Cy for nearly 10 years - we are dealing with an uber-professional, very articulate, true TALENT.
— Sean Divine, Quartet Gold Medalist, Presentation Judge

Recent Coachings:

Cardinal District Top Gun Instructor

Harmony University, BHS Education, Coach and Instructor

Holland Harmony, Education Week Instructor

BinG! Harmony College Instructor

Cardinal District Top Gun Instructor

SmorgasChorus, BHS Chorus, Central States District

The West Towns Chorus, BHS Chorus, Illinois District

The Singing Buckeyes, BHS Chorus, Johnny Appleseed District

The Alliance Chorus, BHS Chorus, Johnny Appleseed District

Music City Chorus, BHS Chorus, Dixie District

Alexandria Harmonizers, BHS Chorus, Mid Atlantic District

Saltaires, BHS Chorus, Rocky Mountain District

Southern Gateway Chorus, BHS Chorus, Johnny Appleseed District

Downeasters Chorus, BHS Chorus, Northeastern District

Voices of Gotham, BHS Chorus, Mid Atlantic District

Greater Nassau Chorus, SAI Chorus, Region 15 

Glow Quartet, SAI Quartet, Region 26

Bling! Quartet, SAI 2015 International Quartet Champions, Region 9

Dapper Dans of Harmony, BHS Chorus, M.A.D.

Sirens of Gotham, SAI Chorus, Region 15

TuneTown Show Chorus, SAI Chorus, Region 4 

Capitaland Chorus, SAI Chorus, Region 15

Philadelphia Freedom Chorus, SAI Chorus, Region 19

Big Apple Chorus, BHS Chorus, Mid Atlantic District

Song of Atlanta Show Chorus, SAI Chorus, Region 23